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Elevate your pet's style quotient by personalizing their very own driver's license with an adorable photo. Ensure your pet's safety with a bespoke photo ID tag that's not only sturdy and waterproof but also comes with double-sided printing.


Our pet ID tags are not only ideal for identification purposes but also serve as a handy way to locate your furry friend if they happen to wander off. Furthermore, gifting your pup their very own driver's license or state ID will undoubtedly be a delightful surprise. Are you prepared to make your pet shine as a true standout?


For those who provide us with their pet's date of birth, we have an extra special treat in store. Alongside the customized dog tag, you'll receive a beautiful birthstone charm that corresponds to your dog's birth month. This stunning gemstone adds a touch of individuality and represents the unique bond you share with your four-legged companion.


To make your pet's tag even more personalized, we've included a bonus feature. If you provide us with your dog's date of birth, we will create a personalized horoscope that captures their unique traits and characteristics. Unveiling their astrological profile adds a whimsical touch to their tag, making it truly one-of-a-kind.


However, we understand that not all pet parents have the exact date of birth available. That's why we offer the option to use the "GOTCHA" date—the date you welcomed your furry friend into your life. No matter which date you choose, we'll ensure your custom dog tag is a cherished memento that celebrates the special moment your dog became a beloved member of your family.



Our premium aluminum tags boast a double-coated material, enhancing their durability beyond that of standard tags. These tags are sized at 2” x 1.2” x 0.04” and are printed on both sides for maximum visibility.



Kindly take note of the product name and image. Your order pertains specifically to a tag from the mentioned state. Should you wish to acquire a tag from a different state, kindly explore the options available on the website or get in touch with us before ordering.


The product choices are intended for the same pet. If your order pertains to more than one pet, kindly adjust the product quantity accordingly.



Upon receiving your order, we will send you a message containing guidance on uploading your picture and information.

Kindly anticipate a wait time of a few hours within business hours to receive this message, as the process is handled manually.



Your item will be prepared for shipment within 3-5 business days. Once your order is sent out, we will furnish you with a tracking number.

Please take into account that the "ship by" date mentioned on your invoice does not correspond to the actual "delivery" date.


  • SHIP BY DATE: The date when your package departs from our facility.
  • DELIVERY DATE: The date when your package reaches you.



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We are happy to accommodate cancellations provided that the production process for your custom order has not yet commenced. Regrettably, we do not facilitate exchanges or accept returns. Should you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we will respond at ASAP.