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Introducing our exquisite custom dog tag with a captivating black glitter design, exclusively from Paw Print Parcels! This unique pet tag combines style, personalization, and functionality to ensure your furry friend looks fabulous while staying safe.


On the front of the tag, we'll expertly print your dog's name, making it a truly personalized accessory. Whether your dog is called Max, Bella, or anything in between, their name will shimmer with elegance against the dazzling black glitter background.


But the customization doesn't end there! On the back of the tag, we provide ample space for you to include your essential contact information. Your name, phone number, and address will be professionally engraved, offering peace of mind knowing that your precious pup can always find their way back home.


For those who provide us with their pet's date of birth, we have an extra special treat in store. Alongside the customized dog tag, you'll receive a beautiful birthstone charm that corresponds to your dog's birth month. This stunning gemstone adds a touch of individuality and represents the unique bond you share with your four-legged companion.


To make your pet's tag even more personalized, we've included a bonus feature. If you provide us with your dog's date of birth, we will create a personalized horoscope that captures their unique traits and characteristics. Unveiling their astrological profile adds a whimsical touch to their tag, making it truly one-of-a-kind.


However, we understand that not all pet parents have the exact date of birth available. That's why we offer the option to use the "GOTCHA" date—the date you welcomed your furry friend into your life. No matter which date you choose, we'll ensure your custom dog tag is a cherished memento that celebrates the special moment your dog became a beloved member of your family.


At Paw Print Parcels, we take pride in crafting pet tags that are both visually striking and functional. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that your custom dog tag will withstand the test of time, accompanying your furry friend on countless adventures.


Join the ranks of satisfied pet owners who have entrusted their pet's safety and style to Paw Print Parcels. Order your custom dog tag today and let your pup's personality shine with the perfect blend of glitz, personalization, and charm!