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Introducing our exquisite custom dog tag with a black paws design, exclusively from Paw Print Parcels. This unique pet tag combines style, functionality, and a personal touch to keep your furry friend safe and fashionable.


The front of the tag features your dog's name elegantly printed, allowing everyone to know their individual identity. The bold black paws design adds a touch of charm and adds a playful element to the tag. Crafted with attention to detail, the tag is made from durable materials to withstand your dog's daily adventures.


But that's not all – the back of the tag is where the magic happens. We provide the option to include your contact information, ensuring that your beloved companion can find their way back home if ever lost. You can personalize the back of the tag with your name, phone number, and any additional details you prefer.


For those who provide their pet's date of birth, we have an extra special surprise in store. Along with the tag, you will receive a stunning birthstone charm that symbolizes your dog's birth month. Each birthstone is carefully chosen to add a touch of elegance and celebrate your furry friend's unique personality.


But what if you don't have the exact date of birth? Don't worry! We understand that rescue dogs often come with uncertain backgrounds. In such cases, you can simply use their "GOTCHA" date—the date you welcomed them into your loving home. We believe every dog deserves to be celebrated, regardless of their origins.


To make this offering even more delightful, we have partnered with renowned astrologers to provide personalized horoscopes for your dog. By providing their date of birth, you will receive an insightful and entertaining horoscope that reveals intriguing aspects of their character and potential. It's a fun and engaging way to connect with your four-legged companion on a deeper level.


At Paw Print Parcels, we are dedicated to providing pet owners with exceptional products and services. Our custom dog tags are crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that your dog stands out from the crowd while staying safe. Let us be a part of your pet's journey, adding a touch of style, personalization, and protection to their daily adventures.


Order your custom dog tag with a black paws design today and let Paw Print Parcels help your furry friend make a statement while keeping them safe and secure.