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Introducing Paw Print Parcels' Custom Printed Cat Tags with a Cannabis Design


At Paw Print Parcels, we believe that every fur baby deserves to show off their unique personality while staying safe and stylish. That's why we are excited to present our Custom Printed Cat Tags with a Cannabis Design. These tags not only feature a fun and eye-catching cannabis motif, but they also provide essential identification for your beloved feline friend.


When you choose our Custom Printed Cat Tags, you have the opportunity to personalize them with your fur baby's name on the front. This ensures that their identity is proudly displayed, making it easy for others to address them by name. But that's not all! On the back of the tag, we offer space for your contact information. This way, if your cat ever wanders off on an adventurous escapade, they can be swiftly returned to your loving arms.


But here's where it gets even more special. If you provide your cat's date of birth, we go above and beyond by offering a personalized horoscope and birthstone on the back of the tag. By knowing your fur baby's birth date, you can unlock a delightful surprise that aligns with their unique astrological sign. It's a charming way to celebrate your cat's individuality and add a touch of cosmic magic to their everyday life.


Don't have the exact date of birth? No worries! We understand that sometimes rescue cats' birth dates are unknown. In such cases, we offer an alternative option. Simply provide us with their "GOTCHA" date—the day they joined your family—and we'll create a tag that commemorates this special milestone.


Our Custom Printed Cat Tags with a Cannabis Design are crafted with durability and longevity in mind. They are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they withstand the wear and tear of your adventurous feline companion's daily escapades.


At Paw Print Parcels, we are dedicated to creating products that celebrate the bond between you and your furry family member. Our Custom Printed Cat Tags with a Cannabis Design combine style, personalization, and practicality, making them a must-have accessory for every cat owner.


Order your cat's unique tag today and let them strut their stuff with a touch of cannabis-inspired flair while keeping them safe and sound. Paw Print Parcels has your fur baby covered!