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Introducing our exquisite custom dog tag with a delightful pink paws design, exclusively brought to you by Paw Print Parcels. This unique pet tag combines both style and functionality, ensuring your furry companion stands out while keeping them safe and identifiable.


On the front of the tag, we proudly feature your dog's name, elegantly printed to showcase their individuality. The personalized touch adds a special charm to the tag, making it a true reflection of your beloved pet's personality.


But that's not all! On the back of the tag, we offer a convenient space to print your contact information as the responsible and loving owner. This ensures that if your furry friend ever wanders off on an unexpected adventure, they can quickly be reunited with you, thanks to the easily visible owner details on the tag.


At Paw Print Parcels, we go the extra mile to make your pet's tag even more special. When you provide us with your pet's date of birth, we include a stunning birthstone on the tag. The birthstone not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a meaningful symbol of your pet's unique identity.


Furthermore, for those who don't have the exact date of birth, we offer an equally charming alternative. You can choose to use your pet's "GOTCHA" date, commemorating the day you welcomed your furry friend into your loving home. It's a wonderful way to celebrate the special bond you share with your pet.


To add an extra touch of personalization, we also provide a personalized horoscope based on your pet's date of birth. Discover fascinating insights into their traits, temperament, and compatibility based on astrological influences. It's a fun and engaging feature that adds a touch of whimsy to the overall experience.


Choose Paw Print Parcels for the perfect combination of style, practicality, and personalization. Our custom dog tags with pink paws design are crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring a lasting and cherished keepsake for you and your furry friend. Order yours today and let your pet's tag be a true reflection of their unique spirit.